"New Jersey Musicians With Their Record Collections" - You Don't Know Jersey

"...soulful like few others in the current New York scene." - NBC New York


"...one that should be in your stack of 45's..." The Vinyl District

"...a Ronettes touch trough-out their melodies but where in Ronnie's gals were the Wrecking Crew as a back-up, imagine here the Hi! records house band..." - White Trash Soul

"A necessary element of any memorable Rock & Roll is, simply, fun.  And The One & Nines exude that quality in just about every note they play." - Vinyl Under Review

"Very Groovy!" - Derek's Daily 45

"It's going in my jukebox along side Link Wray, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Sam Cooke...and it fits in perfectly." - Rockabillynblues.com

"...both "Tell Me" and "Make It Easy" work on a level where it appeals to the 60's/70's soul fan, yet they make it sound modern and original enough that it's interesting, and not the least bit retro-boring." - Soul Excursions

"...act that should not be missed" ...at the Brick City Sound Riot - Tris McCall / The Star-Ledger


"...It’s in your face and it makes you want to dance." - NJ.com

"... they greatly appreciate this overlooked style and are faithfully recreating a version of it with a contemporary angle to everything." - 7 inches 

"If I had a sweetheart I'd play this 45 for them and make a fool out of myself mouthing the lyrics..The One & Nines get better with each single." - Star Beat Music

"… thoroughly fresh and absolutely unique." - Sound Citizen               

"If you love old school soul music,... you will love the One and Nines - they are the real deal." - Lucid Culture

"...if you can hear, this band is for you!" - The Jersey City Independent

"Best Indie Soul Band currently unsigned by a major labor?" - Dislocations

"The arrangement here is done with smart subtly... a slow burn that sparks towards the end..." - Soul Sides

"'Miss' Vera Sousa’s sweet vocals ought to soothe your pain." - Monkey Boxing