The One & Nines Get Some Memphis Love on New 7" Vinyl Single !

The One and Nines traveled down to Memphis TN to mix their latest single Tell Me b/w Make It Easy.  The record is their second within a year on Brooklyn based Cotter Records.  Released on October 25th 2011 on 7" vinyl, the single is available for digital download through Clifton, New Jersey's Mint 400 Records.  The session was again recorded in Jersey City NJ by Nicola Stemmer at 9 Lives Studios on a big old tape recording machine.  These tapes were then brought down to Memphis and mixed at Electraphonic Recording with Memphis musician & producer Scott Bomar (The Bo-Keys, Impala, Hustle & Flow) for an extra taste of that down-home, slow-cooked sound.  



Named for the four-lane thoroughfare that connects most of North Jersey’s major metropolises, the One and Nines speak volumes of the artistic currents coursing through their collective birthplace. Whether the Boss or the Fugees, the earnest acts of the Garden State are as original as they are uncommon. A welcomed addition to the roster, the One and Nines create music that is simple, yet sophisticated, acknowledging over fifty years of music history without being forced to repeat it. 

A bar band of the highest order, the music of the One and Nines is straight, no chaser rock & roll, served well above room temperature. As each song is manufactured for dance-floor consumption, few window units in the Tristate can combat a One and Nines show at full tilt. The songwriting of guitarist Jeff Marino makes respectful nods to the Stax sound, early stages of Motown, and blue-eyed brethren like Van Morrison and Steve Winwood. His combo, complete with horn section and Hammond organ, makes short work of the rich arrangements, creating a thick foundation to support the occasional improvisation or stray solo. Singer Vera Sousa perfects the formula, referencing eloquent vocalists like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald in her steadfast delivery, often deferring to the romantic melodies of her native Portugal. Her voice mirrors her posturing within the mighty ensemble—a beauty amongst brawn, an enduring rose lit by neon beer signs. 

The One and Nines have received accolades far and wide from grateful show goers as well as music mogul Felix Hernandez whose radio show Rhythm Revue is a fixture in the hearts of soul aficionados nationwide. When the legendary DJ overheard the group’s debut at Stan’s Square Records in Jersey City, he asked shop owner and industry veteran Stan Krause if he might borrow the disk for play on his acclaimed program. A week later, the group’s “Wait” debuted on the heels of Curtis Mayfield’s “Make Me Believe In You,” introducing an affluent audience to a rising generation of Jersey soul providers. “I liked it,” muses Marino of his broadcast premier. “I’d like to hear it again.”

With a full length on the horizon and a tireless performance schedule, the One and Nines are well on their way to regular rotation. Their ability to connect with soul fans young and old is proof that their particular brand of American music is moving forward, if only taking occasional glimpses back to admire their progress.   

The One and Nines are prepared for the journey—and the request lines are open. 

~Jon Kirby Wax Poetics